Crabbing on the Oregon Coast is an adventure that you have to experience to truly understand the addictive nature of this outdoor fishing sport. From the first time you pull your crab ring up out of the water, you immediately are hooked. Like fishing, crabbing is a sport for the outdoor enthusiast, however crabbing reaches out to the less technical side of catching dinner. From a first time crabber, to a veteran sports crabber there is equal opportunity for success.

The Jetty Fishery can provide the techniques, equipment and all necessary technical information about the native Dungeness crab, how to crab, when to crab, where to crab, how to clean a crab, cook a crab and yes even how to eat a crab.

The Dungeness crab inhabits coastal sea beds from the low inter-tidal zones such as Nehalem bay, to open ocean depths in excess of 600 feet!
It is only legal to harvest male Dungeness crab which measure over
5 3/4 inches across the back shell

Abdominal differences between female (left) and male (right) Dungeness crabs. Only males, which possess a slender abdomen, may be kept by sport and commercial crabbers.

The sport Dungeness crab season in Oregon is year round for tidal bays, estuaries and coastal rivers. The best months to go crabbing have nothing to do with old crabber myths such as what the first letter of the month is, which direction the wind is blowing, or the cycles of the moon. Rather good crabbing can be determined by such elements as the amount of fresh water in the bay, the intensity of commercial crabbing in the area, and the local tides. In short, you can find excellent crabbing conditions any month of the year.

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