11th Annual Crab Derby













Come catch crabs (and prizes) at the Jetty Fishery’s 11th annual Nehalem Bay Crab Derby. We are offering a plethora of prizes for any one that can catch a “tagged” crab including a seafood dinner, sweatshirts for the family, and the grand prize of $2,500. The derby always falls on the “free fishing weekend” in June. This year that weekend is June 2nd and 3rd. This means that no licenses are required for fishing, crabbing or clamming so it’s a perfect time to bring in a relative from out of town.

Previous year’s derbies have raised over $55,000 for charity and have been attended by over 11,000 visitors. As many of you may recall, 26 tagged crabs are released into the Nehalem Bay the first day of the Derby. The tags correlate to prizes such as the grand prize of $2,500, donated by the Jetty Fishery to items such as weekend stay at the cabins, sweatshirts for the family, seafood dinner for 2 and cash prizes of $500, and two at $50. Any prizes not caught the first day will be auctioned off the second day.

All proceeds of the event are donated to the Rockaway Beach Lion Club who will also be selling hotdogs at the Derby for those friends and family that don’t like crab. Rockaway Lion is a Service Club. 100% of their funds are used to help other people with glasses and hearing aids, hunger, protecting our environment and supporting youth programs We ask you to please seriously consider any donation of your time, merchandise, or money you can in support of this great cause!

If you are interested in having a booth at the Derby we are more than glad to give you specifics via telephone or email listed below. We greatly appreciate any questions, concerns, or suggestions you might have about the Nehalem Bay Crab Derby and are always available to talk with you on any issues. Please don’t hesitate to call or email The Jetty Fishery at 503-368-5746, or email info@jettyfishery.com

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